Guercino, St. Luke Displaying a Painting of the Virgin, oil on canvas, 1652-53

To become a member of the Catholic Artists Society we ask that you assent to the Aims of the Society (found here), and pray for the Society’s apostolate and for our fellow artists. Select your annual membership level from the list below:

St. Luke Circle – $5,000

Sponsor the Annual Mass for Artists or a large proportion of the Lecture Series.

St. Catherine of Bologna Company – $1,000 

Sponsor an individual Lecture.

Blessed Fra Angelico Guild – $500

Underwrite the travel costs of a lecturer.

Full Sustaining Membership – $150

Underwrite a CAS reception.

Associate Sustaining Membership – $50

Supports our online archive and social media.

Starving Artist Membership – $25

Student Sustaining Membership – $20

If your prefer, payments by check may be sent to:
The Catholic Artists Society
c/o Dino Marcantonio
333 West 56th Street, Apt. 3A
New York, NY 10019

The Catholic Artist Society relies entirely on member support to provide our programming. Your membership is fully tax deductible as the CAS is a registered 501(c) non-profit organization. You will receive a message acknowledging your gift.

If you would simply like to join our mailing list, please go to the Subscribe page and enter your information. You will receive an email once you have submitted your request.